What did we just do?

For those of you that haven’t heard, my husband and I added a new puppy to our family this past week. We love him and wouldn’t trade him for anything but I have to admit, we’ve found ourselves asking ‘What did we just do?’ many times this week! It’s usually a question that arises at 3 am when Chester (the new puppy) is still crying or a question that arises after he goes potty in the house (again). I’m sure he’ll get acclimated but I pray that is sooner rather than later!


Meet Chester

As I added our Christmas products to the ‘Christmas in July?!’ album on Facebook today, I was once again awed by all of you moms out there. It seriously took me 30 minutes to add 6 pictures and links to the album. Why? Because it was potty time and then breakfast time and then potty time again (add a couple of more in there for Chester). Then Molly (our older puppy) and Chester were playing a little too rough so I had to facilitate play time… how you sweet mothers get anything done around the house, I have no idea!

I know it’s hot outside and your time and energy is focused on finishing up summer with a bang but start to think of your Christmas babies. We have outfits in sizes 0-6 and 12-18 months. We have knit hats, boots and bibs to wrap up the ‘Santa Baby‘ selection. Let us know if you love Christmas in July and want a head start on gifts this year… that way you won’t be saying ‘What did we just do?’ when it’s almost Christmas and you have all of the shopping left!

Tree Pique Bib

Birth Annoucement Plates

Have you ever gone to one of those places where you can paint ceramic plates? Amazing!! My friend Julie and I went this past weekend… I assure you, we enjoyed it SO much more than the kids having the birthday party there at the same time! It was my first experience and walking in is a bit overwhelming. The two girls working were busy so Julie and I just started looking at the shelves and shelves of ceramic items you could select. I went with the intention of trying my hand at a birth announcement plate but seeing all of the options made it difficult to decide.

I finally selected a square dinner plate and a ceramic airplane figure. Minus being a perfectionist, painting the items was very relaxing. Julie and I just talked and talked and painted a little! She had painted pottery before and had several tips/ideas to enhance the designs. When you finish, you leave your items on the shelf and go back 5 days later to pick up the completed product (they fire it for you).

Thanks to my sweet mother’s suggestion and Julie’s assistance, we’re exploring this avenue as a new item for Stork! We’ll see how the finished product turns out (hopefully they look okay) before proceeding but this would allow our birth announcement plates to be produced much more quickly! Instead of waiting 5+ weeks, Stork Deliveries by April could ship them out within 7-10 days. We could also take custom orders (for picture frames, tiles in frames, airplanes, flowers, any type of dish, etc.) And since one of the designs will be the plane from the Mud Pie ‘Oh Boy Little Flyer Collection’, hand painting the ceramic items will just be ‘plane’ fun! I’ll post pictures this weekend if the ceramic items turn out okay 🙂

March Madness –

March Madness… I’m not sure where the name came from but it completely describes the season. Players live, sleep, eat and dream basketball. Coaches spend most hours in their study or office and tell their families they will see them after the tournament. Fans just go crazy! That’s all there is to it. They pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to go to the tournament, get all painted up and go absolutely nuts cheering for their team.

It seems forever ago but we had true March Madness at Buford High. The sweet and loyal fans lined the city streets as our charter buses pulled out-of-town. We were 28-2 and ranked number 1 in our bracket. We were good. It had been years since the Buford High Ladies Team had gone to the final four. It was an interesting season (the story should be a book one day) but our team was focused and ready. We played our hearts out but came up short… 2nd place wasn’t at all what we wanted. It took a while but I’ve learned the lessons – teamwork, dedication, pouring your heart and soul into what you want and believe in – those lessons apply to life, not just basketball.

29 and 3 was our record that year. It’s funny what life throws at you. Now those same lessons I learned from high school basketball apply to my friend that has a 6-year-old facing cancer. They apply to a family member with an 8 month old facing serious heart issues. They apply to countless friends searching for jobs and trying to sell homes. Life’s lessons like pouring your heart and soul into what you believe in apply to all of our Stork friends expecting babies! They apply to our friends that are throwing 1 year birthday parties this year. Life has ups and downs. Amazing moments of joy and heart wrenching defeats… it makes a basketball game 10+ years ago seem pretty trivial.

So Ohio State has some serious issues with their football team. 5 players are suspended for the first 5 football games in the 2011 season. Another player is suspended for the first game. And now Coach Tressel has received a 2 game suspension. This negative media is unfortunately overshadowing an amazing men’s basketball team! The OSU Buckeyes have received an overwhelming 1st seed ranking for the March tourney. OSU fans are crazy and unwavering. It should be a great basketball tournament.

Go Bucs! Get your little point guard, shooting guard or center ready for March Madness. Stork Deliveries by April has Ohio State Newborn 2 Piece Sets and Bibs left in stock. We’ll ship them out within 24 hours of the order. Bring on the chips/dip, beer, burgers, friends and most of all, madness. We’ll help you get your little ones ready! Order online or email us with any questions.

Spring Training

I’m ready for spring! We still have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and are supposed to get more tomorrow and Monday. Though I have throughly enjoyed my new snow boots, it is time for sunshine and short sleeves!

Most professional baseball teams have worked hard this winter and are now ready to start playing their spring training games. Hard work during off season will separate the good teams from the great teams. I find it fascinating the pro teams will play a game every day for the next month! Take my Atlanta Braves for example – they play tomorrow through March 30 with one day off! That is incredible… I remember how exhausting it was to play a basketball game once a day for summer camps – and they were only 5 days long.

Spring brings wonderful experiences. Flowers, my favorite month (April of course), Easter, March Madness and baseball. It brings back the promise of warmth and outdoor grilling. So though it is only February 25, I’m going to start thinking about Spring!

Stork Deliveries by April is up to bat! We are ready to help you prepare your little ones for Spring. From your little pitchers and outfielders to your little Easter bunny, we are ready to hit that home run for you. See below for a few of our baby baseball products. Personalize most items for just $8 more to make an extra special gift or keepsake. Let us know how to help!

Here’s to Spring,

Stork Deliveries by April

Puppy Eyes

My puppy, Molly, gave me her puppy eyes this morning! You know exactly what I’m referring to… those big adorable eyes that make you melt. She was hungry and I was making her breakfast. Mind you, really making her breakfast. Molly needs a special diet right now so I’m not just dishing out dry dog food. I’m scrambling eggs, making rice and boiling chicken! The pup is eating better than I am 🙂

Well, the minute the rice goes on the stove, Molly is alert and ready to eat. It takes 10 minutes (the instant kind) to boil but then is piping hot! She’s at my heels the entire time – we’re still working on ‘staying’ out of the kitchen. Poor thing is starving by the time the rice is done but I cannot give it to her yet. It made me think of our sense of timing. When I want something, I want it right away! Molly did too. But sometimes it is in our best interest to wait (so we won’t burn our mouths on the hot rice).

We’re anxious for Stork Deliveries by April to boom into business! But for that day to come, we’re relying on our friends and family to help with this grassroots effort of spreading the word. Please let everyone know – 10% off SALE for President’s Day on select Lovies (see below)! Lovies come in different shapes/personalities but any one of them will quickly become your baby’s best friend. Make the animal blanket extra special for your little princess or prince by embroidering a name or set of initials (just $8 more; see the last picture as an example). Moms, guess what? They are machine washable too!

Email us with questions/feedback. Stork Deliveries is sending you our puppy eyes… please help us spread the word!

Why we just LOVE being a Mom –

We all know motherhood has its ups and downs like most everything in life. There are the truly amazing days where you’re on top of the world because life is so good. Then there are the days where you want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head…

In honor of Valentine’s Day 2011, we’ve compiled a list of why moms LOVE being moms. The entries are short, sweet and to the point. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. Most of all, moms can identify with other moms and realize this role of motherhood (though it feels like a job at times) is really one of the most important roles in our lives. Motherhood is something to be treasured daily.

Why do you LOVE being a Mom?

  • Why do I LOVE being a mother? It is God’s way of letting you experience the truest love possible. A mother’s love is like no other love. It is also a way to experience life again through the eyes of your child. For instance, when you take your child to Disney World, you are doing that for the child but you can ride through “It’s a Small World” as many times as you want and not look foolish. You just look like you are being a good mom!! – Gail Aiken
  • Being a mom is the greatest gift given to a woman. When you embrace the meaning and give it your best you have so many joys to experience: Firs…t smile, first laugh, first tooth … to saying I do and their presenting you with your first grandchild and all the joys in-between. A good mom sees to her children first and let’s all the rest fall into place. The Bible says in Proverbs 31:28 …”Her children arise and call her blessed.” May we all strive to be blessed. – Renee Green
  • Why do I love being a Mother? Let me count the ways! It is the greatest gift and joy God gives a woman. That of unconditional love to and from another human being. My greatest gifts are of my children and now my grandchild. God gives freely His love to us and look at the gift HE gives mothers. Our precious little bundles of joy. Never take Him or those entrusted to you for granted. – Kim Medlin

Funny quotes on Motherhood –

  • Mothers are all slightly insane. JD Salinger
  • Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease. Lisa Alther
  • My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it. Buddy Hackett
  • I suffer from M.A.D.D. – Mommy Attention Deficit Disorder. Raenita
  • I’m not going to vacuum ’til Sears makes one you can ride on. Roseanne Barr
  • The phrase ” working mother ” is redundant. Jane Sellman

From Stork Deliveries by April, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you moms out there! We look forward to spoiling you next time you need a personalized baby gift or baby shower gift.

New Arrivals –

Stork Deliveries by April wanted to take a quick moment and share our 2011 spring collection with you! These products will be in stock and added to our site shortly.

In order from left to right: Anchor 2 Piece Set, Easter Bunny Dress, Chick Seersucker Sleeper, 1st Birthday Cupcake Pinafore, Giraffe Pajama, Boathouse Baby Sailing 3 Piece Set, Personalized Pals Monkey and Frankie the Frog Lovie.

Check www.storkdeliveriesbyapril.com for sizes and prices. Email us if you have any questions. In addition to the above featured products, we’re also introducing University of Washington knit hats and juice bibs… Go Huskies!

We are looking forward to working with you this year! Thanks for any support, orders and referrals you can help us out with – Stork Deliveries by April

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